Home Tour- Main Living Room

We moved into a new house earlier this year and I promised to do a home tour. But finding out we were expecting baby #4 surprised us, so it’s been a little slower than I anticipated. The first room I showed you was our formal dining room and from there, we’re taking you through the main living room. This is a before picture, so that’s not our furniture, but it gives you a much better picture of the space.


My favorite features about this room are the high ceilings, big windows and the fireplace.  It has neutral carpet and paint colors, so even though we would like to paint this room eventually, it would be a big project and so it can easily wait. I mean…..we ARE planning on living here awhile. Another update we plan on doing is changing out the ceiling fan and light fixture to something a little more modern. Other than that, the room was beautiful to start with so we just had to add our own personal touches to make it cozy.


Yes, the big canvas above the fireplace is blank. Jason wrapped the canvas himself and calls the piece “Snowstorm in Antarctica.” He DOES eventually plan to paint something, but just hasn’t had the time yet.  The 2 pillows on the fireplace were easy DIY pillows that I made out of place mats. I have been meaning to do a tutorial, but I lost all of my pictures from those projects so I’ve been waiting to have time to make another one so I can show you step-by-step pictures. Pillows are super expensive, so I love that these were basically $5 or less. I will make sure to do a tutorial before Christmas, because they would make great gifts and they only require a tiny bit of simple hand stitching ! The light bulb vase (on the mantel) is a DIY I did a looooooooong time ago. Right now it is holding a propagated basil baby.

We originally thought that we were going to have to buy new furniture for this space because we thought our couch would look way too big and awkward in the space, but once we got it in and angled it, it is really perfect! It is cozy without overcrowding the space, but defines the room well and gives us plenty of seating area. We decided that we did not want a TV in this space, so it is more for socializing, relaxing, reading books and playing on the floor. We have an ottoman that matches our couch that is perfect for a quick clean up and throwing toys in when guests are coming over.


We try to keep big toys out of this space, except for our vintage Wonder Lightning Horse that I got at a thrift store for $12. I think it fits the style nicely (for a toy) and it’s the first thing every kid runs to when they come in the house. My family had one of these growing up in the 80’s that eventually got sold or passed on when we were too old for it. So when I saw this one, I decided to grab it up for my kiddos memories and they have all enjoyed it. Plus toys like this were made so much sturdier than toys are now, that I’m sure it has many more years left in it.


The piano was Jason’s grandmothers and it beautifully fits the nook at the back of the room. Maybe eventually one of us will learn how to play. The kids love pretending on it and it’s so nice when we have guests that DO actually play show us how amazing it can sound. The woven wall hanging is another simple DIY that I did with a cheap table place mat.


Well, that’s about it for this room. I can’t wait to get our Christmas tree and stockings up and then sip hot cocoa while the fireplace is going. It’s time to make some great memories in this house! I’ll make sure to post some pictures once we have some festive decor up. Have you started decorating for Christmas? When do you usually put your tree up?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. kidcongeniality says:

    What a lovely home you have! Your piano reminds me of the Kimball piano I had growing up. I love it.


    1. breetalks says:

      I love nostalgia!


  2. Love your couch!! Oh my gosh, my Grandma had one of those horses in her house! What a great memory!


  3. Bree, your home really looks lovely! I’ll follow you to see the rest when you finish the home tour! I’m proud that I was a small part of finding your beautiful new home!


  4. DebbieZ says:

    Soooo beautiful! Looks so fresh and bright. Thanks for taking us on this little ‘tour1’


  5. shelahmoss says:

    Your living room looks so beautiful and welcoming. I love all the small touches and your husband’s painting has a great title.


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