Home Tour- Formal Dining Room

In my last couple of posts, I talked about selling our old house and finding our new house. So now is the fun part! I get to show you pictures of the inside, what it looked like before and how we’re making it our own. I hope you enjoy! Let’s get started!

When you walk in the front door of our new house, the first full room that you see is our formal dining room to your left. As a mom with 3 little ones, I thought, this room would be really pointless to our family and that maybe we could turn it into an office. But as we’ve set it up, it has become my favorite room of the house. For the very reason that it is the most formal, I think. It feels the most adult to me and I don’t get to have adult feeling rooms very often with the little ones stuff everywhere. It is calming and comforting to see it and I just think that it invites people in to sit, eat, talk and live life. I look forward to many meals, board games and fellowship around this table.

Here is a before and after picture. It definitely was not bad to begin with and their picture angle makes the room look way bigger than mine does. Sorry, I’m not a professional, but you get an idea. It was a light yellow, so we definitely wanted to paint it. We decided on a midnight blue/gray on top and white on the bottom. We would also eventually like to change out the light fixture, but it is not a high priority at the moment.


The family that we bought the house from, left us that buffet table too. What an extra blessing because it fits perfectly in that nook! The painted flowers on it were not our taste, so we painted it and switched out the mirror. It makes a nice spot for the Keurig and breakfast snacks for guests.


We got the table and chairs as hand me downs from Jason’s parents. Again, another huge blessing! We painted the table and chairs and recovered the seats. This was a new project for us, but it was super easy and turned out really nice. My parents gave me a foot stool that belonged to my great aunt Ruth (who was like a grandma to me), so we recovered that too with leftover matching fabric from our chair project. We thought about painting it, but decided to keep the beautiful integrity of the wood that was still in nice condition. It is now the perfect little time-out seat on the edge of the dining room. Jason and I were much more excited about it than the kids were. Haha


We might need a few more little pictures on the wall, but other than that, I think this room is pretty much done! The one picture I do have up, is my DIY Thankful picture, in which I just framed a cute cheap place mat. It is perfect for Thanksgiving, but it will actually stay up all year round because thankfulness is not just a season and I need that reminder sometimes. We also like the natural wood look of the frame to tie in the wood from the foot stool and the mirror.


What do you think? What kind of light fixture should this space have? Any other thoughts or suggestions on the room?


6 Comments Add yours

  1. Rebecca says:

    I like the room too. You can easily seat 8 at the table and you have a nice big window that brings in lots of light. It’s a happy room – except when you are in time out!


  2. Katie Stamer says:

    You should check out the lighting designs by School House Electric. They do awesome stuff! We can’t afford it, but you could definitely find some IKEA hacks to get it done.


  3. mfred0518 says:

    It looks fantastic! I am in love with the midnight blue/gray color and the “Thankful” picture just warms it up even more. The breakfast bar/coffee buffet is a nice touch. I’d love to have a table dedicated to that in my kitchen❤️ Great job!


  4. What a beautiful home you have! Absolutely gorgeous!


  5. lindsayramonLindsay says:

    I love the color you chose for the walls! I think a rectangular lighting solution would look good to mirror the table. Or a fun chandelier! Thanks for sharing; I love to see inside people’s homes.


    1. breetalks says:

      Thanks for commenting! I like both of those ideas! Now to bargain shop!


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