Selling Our First House & Tips


We loved our small house in South Kansas, but we had bought it at the top of the market and knew that even after all the beautiful work we (mainly Jason) had put into it, that we would probably not get anywhere close to what we wanted or needed out of it. The biggest downfalls were that it only had 1 small bathroom and the school district was not good. We had invested a lot of money into a drainage system to keep the basement dry. Due to a big hail storm while we lived there, insurance helped us get a new roof and new siding.

We also built an add-on pantry room, redid the deck, put in all new kitchen cabinets and counter tops, built an island, took up carpeting and redid hardwood floors and sooo much painting, changing fixtures, etc. We had made it our own and I really loved this house. It was the first house we bought and we moved into it when our first baby was only a week or two old. You don’t realize how fast time will fly by. We were now 5 years in and looking at kindergarten to start in the fall. It was time to list.


We decided on a list date, but it got pushed back several times due to unfinished projects and with every project we completed, I loved the house even more. Our realtor finally said, we need to do this. The market was good and we had put it off long enough. It was really hard keeping a house show ready with 3 little ones at home and a husband that travels for work often. I said a lot of prayers that God would bring the right people in and that our house would sell fast. He answered them quicker than anticipated and our house was under contract on the 3rd day! We had some minor negotiations, but overall, we were extremely pleased with the whole process.

Tips for Selling Your House:

1.) Declutter, declutter, declutter! When you’re trying to sell your house, more is not more, it’s actually less and can make your space feel really small. Keep your necessities hidden and decorations to a minimum.  This goes with furniture too.  We put some big pieces into storage just so the house felt bigger and only kept pieces that complimented the space.

2.) Depersonalize. It’s okay to have a few nice pictures up around the house, but more than that is too much. Also, if you’re an avid sports fan of a certain team, that could be turn off to someone who despises that team. Just get a head start on packing and tuck them away for your next place. If you have a pet or pets, be prepared to hide as much evidence of their existence in that house as possible for people who might have allergies.

3.) Clean from top to bottom. You may not notice the little cobwebs in the corner or the dust on the fan blades, but a potential buyer notices everything. Clean grout, wash baseboards, vacuum floors, fix holes in the walls, power wash driveways, decks and house siding. All of these little things make the house look newer and better kept. A potential buyer sees less that they have to do and are willing to spend more money because of it.

4.) Touch Up- Fresh paint goes a long way, but not just any paint. Keep it neutral and classic. Fill holes or dents in walls. Fix things that are obviously broken or outdated.

5.) Stage. If you don’t have particularly nice or matching art or furniture pieces, you may want to hire a professional staging company to give your house an extra boost. It can be pricey, but may be worth it in the end. Other ways to stage your own house are to follow decluttering instructions above and look up staging tips on furniture placement, etc. Real plants and flowers are a great way to boost the feel of a space. Also setting the table, as if there were going to be a party, bowls of fruit or a complimentary treat for guests all help the feeling of your home. Don’t forget to make it smell nice too. Stick with familiar smells like pumpkin spice, fresh laundry, baked cookies or bread. Don’t over do it, smells can also be a turn off. Keep it classic and don’t assume that everybody likes the exact same scents as you. Don’t forget how important curb appeal is too! Solar lights and a few inexpensive plants with nice pots can really boost the look of your home and when your house sells, you can take them with you!

6.) Listen to your realtor! Communicate, ask for feedback and take suggestions.


Have you ever sold a house? What tips do you have?



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Tessa says:

    Great tips. Especially super cleaning and staging. Even if people don’t outwardly notice, it still makes a HUGE difference. Also, isn’t it funny how we wait until we’re moving to finish some projects we would’ve loved having don’t while living there!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Andria says:

    Great tips! We just sold our first home too, all of your tips are oh so familiar!

    Liked by 1 person

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