Stryker Turns 2!

Stryker turned 2 yesterday. He is a joy to our family, but definitely keeps us on our toes. He has an amazing smile that he shares often and a laugh that is so contagious.

See what I mean?! C’mon, I know that made you smile. He loves being pushed on the swings and playing outside in the dirt. BUT he does not want to touch bugs. I don’t blame him.

He climbs, runs and jumps all over the place. If any of my kids break a bone or gets stitches, I have a feeling that it will be this one. When strangers see us in the store, after the initial “redheads” comment, they usually say something like, “I can tell that he is an ornery one.” And he is, but also really sweet.

He loves balls, choo choo trains, babies (real and fake), watching cartoons, dogs and reading books.


He has not quite learned how to play together with his siblings, but he loves to try to take stuff away from them. Josephine is very patient with him and he often runs to her for comfort if he is in trouble from mommy or daddy. Kannon often comments with, “Awww, Stryker, you’re so coot (cute)!”


He throws off his shoes and socks within minutes of putting them on. I just picked up 3 pairs from the van. He loves milk, grapes, watermelon, yogurt, cottage cheese and apples….everything else is hit or miss and will probably end up on the floor.

He loves his grandparents and will usually choose them over mom and dad. He is great at being silly and making people laugh.

He says a couple of very short phrases, but his favorite words right now are no, me, mine and I do.  We like to randomly ask a question in the car and hear his little voice say, “ME!” We have all taken advantage of his ambitious volunteering and ask questions like, “Who tooted?” just to hear him yell “ME!” Other favorites are “Who pooped in their pants?” “ME!” And we all laugh, especially in the random moments where instead of ME, he will answer with, “DADDY!”

Stryker, I hope you know how much we love you. We pray that you grow into a man that loves the Lord with all of your heart. We pray that you are generous beyond what you’ve been given and that you love without condition.

Happy 2nd Birthday!!


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  1. Aw. Love this, and your family.


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