Josephine starts Kindergarten (Part 1)

It’s hard to believe that my first baby is now in school. Kindergarten. How did you get here so fast? I love how social Josephine is and the fact that she has been super excited about school. Had she been scared, it would make the whole process much harder. I’m excited for her and the new routine that I’ll be able to get into with the 2 boys at home. But we miss her already.


At her Open House, we met her teacher and got to look around at the fun classroom. She wanted to go to bed early because she was so excited for it to be the “next day,” her first day of school. Her hours are really great 9:15-4:05. At first, I was bummed that daddy couldn’t take her in the morning, but it’s really nice that pick-up doesn’t interfere with nap time and we don’t have to rush to get out of the house in the morning…..most of the time. Plus the school is only 5 min. away, so that’s awesome.


Daddy did, however, take her to her first day of school and since the routine was not habit, he missed the exit and said “Dangit!” Josephine asked, “What?!” He said he missed the exit. She asked if they were going to be late. He said no and tried to change the subject, asking her if she wanted to sing a song together. She interrupted him quickly and said, “No daddy, just focus on driving.” She’s a hoot.

She loved her first day of school and told me about a scavenger hunt they took around the school to get acquainted with where everything was: the gym, music room, library, cafeteria, etc. She loved recess and lunch time the best.

On the second day of school she told me about her new very best, best, best, best, best friend in the whole world. I was so excited for her! “What’s her name?” I asked. Josephine responded with “I don’t know.” So that is what we’ll be working on this week. Haha

Have your kids started school yet? Any funny stories? What do you love or hate about going “back to school?”


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  1. Justin Cox says:

    My daughter just started second grade this month. She called me the night before and asked me to drive over so I could walk her to classroom on her first day.

    But I remember her first day of kindergarten. I was worried that she would cry and not want to be there. Nope. The little social butterfly gave hugs and kisses, said bye, and skipped off like it was any other day.

    I was both proud and sad at the same moment.


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