Chick-Fil-A DIY Salad Container Upcycling Challenge- Guitar Rock Band!


Have you heard of Chick-fil-A’s new Spicy Southwest Salad? Just listen to this description: slices of grilled spicy chicken breast, chilled and served on a fresh bed of chopped Romaine lettuce and baby greens, topped with shredded red cabbage and carrots, grape tomatoes, a blend of Monterey Jack and Cheddar cheeses, and a zesty combination of roasted corn and black beans. It is made fresh daily and served with Seasoned Tortilla Strips, Chile Lime Pepitas and Creamy Salsa Dressing. YUM! I think I’m drooling. With the introduction of this new salad, I was given a challenge, as a Chick-fil-A Mom’s Panel Member, to take the empty washed salad container and upcycle it into something new. I love reusing Chick-fil-A’s sturdy containers, but usually we just reuse them for packing lunches and snacks, but I wanted to try something different…..and a little more fun!

cfaguitarsSince Chick-fil-A is all about families, I decided to get my kids involved with this project. They love crafts and sometimes I don’t have the patience to make them. But I knew this would be a good way to get them involved and we could spend some quality time together.

We started by washing and drying our empty salad containers. Then we gathered up some other random items (you may find totally different things around your house and that’s okay!) Use what you have and be creative! Let your kids give you ideas too! That makes them feel really special and useful. Like my 5 year old totally came up with the idea for the cardboard circle in the middle!

Here is what we used:

*The lid of the salad container (because it was a little more sturdy than the base)cfadiy

*a wooden paint stick

*4-5 thin stretchy rubber bands

*2 straws (cut up to overlap your paint stick)

*some sequence

*a piece of cardboard (cut into the shape of a circle) We used a large mouthed glass as our guide

*some markers and glittery star stickers for decorating

*a hot glue gun to stick everything together. Of course, the adult needs to be the one using the hot glue gun, but let your child be involved by helping navigate where things should go, decorating with markers and putting on the stickers.

With just a little bit of time and some imagination, we had a full-on guitar rock band. My kids loved plucking the “strings” and putting on shows for the family. It is a week later and they are still carrying them around and playing with them. They are so proud of their work and I am too.

Do you have a fun idea for upcycling or reusing food containers? Let me know your creative ideas in the comments below! I can’t wait to hear what you come up with!



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  1. rox says:

    Truly creative and chick fillet sounds really good about now.


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