Healthy Wiser Advanced Firming Eye Cream Review

healthywiserSo I turned 33 this year. Shhhhh, don’t tell! I look soooo much younger right? Haha Well, 33 came with a lot of insecurities about my aging body that I wasn’t expecting. First of all, I found my first gray hair this year……..yes, a moment of silence……then, SCREEEEEAM!! Ugh. Also, I’ve been going to a chiropractor for the past several weeks for my back pain and achy hips. I’m worse than a grandma! No offense to grandmas. You rock! BUT THEN the bags under my eyes are huge and I don’t know whether to attribute that to aging or lack of sleep and being a mom to 3 little ones. Anyways, I’ve been trying lots of eye and face creams lately. I’ve not found a miracle cream yet, so if you know of one, you better let me in on it! But I did get an opportunity to try this Healthy Wiser Advanced Firming Eye Cream at a deep discount in exchange for an honest review. So here it goes.

There are a lot of things I like about this eye cream. The package is really cute and well designed and I love the pump healthywisermebottle. It dispenses the perfect amount in a smooth squirt. And although the package doesn’t make a product work, it sure does make me happy when it looks nice and works correctly.

Something else I like is the fresh and light citrus fragrance. It is just the right amount without being too overpowering. The cream is creamy….in case you were wondering. But not only is the texture really great, but it is also super moisturizing without being oily or cakey. I love the light feel of it. I can apply the product and then put my makeup on directly over it like a moisturizer. I’ve used it morning and night under my eyes, on my forehead and in between my eyebrows.

Okay, time to get down to business. Does it work? I think it does on a small scale, enough to keep me using it, but I haven’t seen a big enough difference to make me rave about it. YET. I’ve only been using it a couple weeks and I’m just starting to get into a good routine with my skincare, so I think my progress will only go up from here.

This product is also natural, organic and made in the USA. It’s definitely a good product to support if you’re looking for a new eye cream. I hope to see even more positive results the longer I use it. I’ll try to keep you posted, but for now, I would still recommend this product because of all of the other great features.

So I hate doing video reviews because I hate my voice, but I won a $100 credit for this one so I thought I’d share.


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  1. I was just looking for a perfect eye cream. I’ve been looking for natural skin products and this one looks nice. Will try it out too. Thanks for your review 🙂


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