Easy DIY Aztec Inspired Woven Wall Hanging

I’ve been wanting some new wall art, but it’s really expensive……unless you make it yourself! I didn’t even have this project in mind until I was in Target looking for a tablecloth, which was right next to the place mats. The thick woven pattern of this place mat jumped out at me. It has the widely popular Aztec look that I love. If you stare at the pattern long enough, you’ll become hypnotized. So of course I bought it. I had a vision in my head about how I could use it, but didn’t know how it would turn out. But there’s always a little risk and for the price (a whole $6 for place mat & dowel rod), I was pretty pleased.

What You Need:

Place mat of choice

Thin wooden dowel rod

Straight pins or safety pins

Sewing needle and thread

Twine or string


First, I had to cut the dowel rod to a shorter length. Depending on what you buy, you may or may not have to do this. I used my husbands electric saw to make the quick cut to the size I needed. Then I held it on the back of the place mat, where I wanted to be the top of my hanging to be. I pinned it down to make sure it would stay and had an even uniform look with the pattern, then I started hand sewing it. Just a really simple up down stitch in a thread color that blended in to the piece, tied it off and cut the thread.


I did the same to the bottom corners, but folded them up and sewed them together. Then I tied my twine to the dowel rod and it was done! I picked the perfect spot for it in our bedroom. It is a cute small wall piece that is unique and was really cheap and easy to make. I thought about adding some wooden beads, tassels or brass pieces to it, but I like the simplicity of it right now. I can always choose to add those later. Depending on the thickness and how your mat hangs, you may need to take a hot iron to it, pressing it to make flatter for hanging. BUT THAT’S IT! So easy right? Can you tell it was a place mat to begin with? Would you add anything to it?




4 Comments Add yours

  1. CourtneyLynne says:

    Omg that came out so cute!!!! Just love itttt 🙂


  2. Ana says:

    Not only does it look amazing, but it is also so easy to make.. Definitely stealing the idea 🙂


    1. Breetalks says:

      Thanks! If you make one, please post a photo and tag it #breetalks so I can see it!


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