NIV Bible for Women – Forward by Shauna Niequist

This is a New International Version (NIV) Bible for Women. The general editor is Angela Scheff. The Bible contains devotions that are titled – Fresh Insights for Today’s World. It is published by Zondervan Bibles. The Forward is written by bestselling author, Shauna Niequist. It contains devotions for every weekday and special Myth devotional thoughts for the weekends. These devotions take you through a full year of reading. The Bible is large and appears to be sturdy so far, it has a pretty basic Bible structure and has standard size print.


The first thing that drew me to this Bible was the cute teal cover. I love the look of the simple design. It’s silly, but the appeal of the cover is important. I wanted a cute Bible that would also be sturdy. Well, I didn’t read well enough and the cute cover is only a dust jacket for the book, which with 3 kids, never lasts very long. The cover underneath just says Holy Bible. I was a little bummed about that. You can already see crease wear in the top right corner.

The second thing that drew me in was the forward written by Shauna Niequist, who I really like. She is the bestselling author of Bread & Wine, Bittersweet and Cold Tangerines. Her stamp of approval on this Bible was a bonus for me. She wrote a beautiful little forward to the Bible which got me excited to read more.


The third thing that I was excited about in this Bible was that there was a years worth of devotions in it. The devotions are relevant and simple, encouraging and challenging. They are written by authors such as Naomi Zacharias, Alyssa Joy Bethke, Caryn Rivadeneria, Rachel Held Evans, Katie Davis, Enuma Okoro, Kathy Khang, Laura Ortberg Turner, Kristen Howerton (Rage Against the Minivan), Margaret Feinberg, Tsh Oxenreider (TheArtofSimple), and Annie Downs. These authors share their thoughts on topics like cultural issues, social justice, inequality, social media addiction to personal needs like prayer, decision-making, relationships, infertility, career, and calling. Heavy, right? There’s a lot of good stuff in there. They make it easy to dig a little deeper into the scripture and relevant topics of life, while also encouraging reflection and prayer.

Screenshot 2016-01-11 at 3.41.49 PM

Overall, I was pleased with the Bible (apart from the cover being different than the dust jacket). There are some quotes that have really stood out and got me thinking. The devotions are short and easily laid out to fit in in the morning, even with my toddlers running all around. Some of the devotions are deeper than others and a few dealt with topics that were not necessarily relevant to me personally, but the words and thoughts were still good. I would recommend this Bible more for an older teenager or young adult woman. I love the devotions, but I wish there was a little more historical/contextual depth to them in the way they deal with the scriptures around them. The Bible is easy to navigate, read and understand. It also has a helpful index of word terms, which is always nice for cross-referencing scripture.

I received this bible for free from BookLook Bloggers in exchange for an honest review.



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