Playskool My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Friendship Bus & Friends

IMG_5417I remember growing up with My Little Pony, specifically when I got my first one. It was actually a seahorse. It was yellow and I loved it. Well, My Little Pony has gone through a lot of changes since my childhood, but they are still just as exciting and fun. So I was pleased to find out that my little ones would get a chance to try out some of Playskool’s new products, meant specifically for toddlers and their little hands. My daughter is 5, then I have a 2 1/2 year old son and a 1 year old son. That’s a lot of little hands to test out these products and we had a lot of fun doing so. We may have some bronies in the making. Haha


My 1 year old was (obviously) a little too young for them still, but he had a lot of fun driving the bus around. He did not really care too much about the colorful ponies. However, my older son and daughter did a great job at playing together with the ponies and the friendship bus. They drove all around the house picking up their friends (the barbies, dinosaurs, super heroes, etc.) They really liked the sign that opened and closed  and pushing the button on the front to swing the door open. That button was a little difficult to press and the door did not swing open as easily as I would have liked, but they didn’t complain.


The bus is a little narrow. Little hands fit in it fine, but it’s still tight once all 3 ponies are on board. Overall, we thought it was a successful toy, especially for the 2-4 age range. My daughter plays with it the most, but she is also familiar with the show, which my son isn’t as much. It encourages together-play with siblings or friends. The toys are sturdy and well made and they promote imaginative adventures. We had fun with them and think you will too!


I received these toys for free in exchange for an honest review through Crowdtap. All thoughts and opinions are those of my children and I. Playskool, My Little Pony, and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro.


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