Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes Review


I’m not too good at washing my face every day, that doesn’t mean I shouldn’t. But it’s not as easy and exciting as the commercials make it look. Who in the world really splashes water up on their face? It makes a HUGE mess! No offense if you do. I have never figured out how to do it without soaking my hair or my bathroom. Usually, I just wash my face in the shower every other day or if I really need it, I use a washcloth. Well, Ponds Wet Cleansing Towelettes takes care of both. It is a washcloth, face cleaner and water all in one, so it makes washing your face a lot easier.


So Influenster sent me a pack to try for free in exchange for my honest opinion. Here it is. The size of the pack was great. It was convenient for on the go and resealable. I would still think that they could dry out if not used often enough, but not sure. I liked the sturdy texture of the towelettes. They were strong and had a patterned texture to them that gave them extra scrubbing power. They had a nice soft clean and soapy fragrance. I wouldn’t recommend them if you have sensitive skin. The towelette has plenty of cleanser in it. I used it in the morning and then laid it aside and wet it down and used it again at night. I didn’t think there was enough moisturizer in the cleanser though. It left my face feeling dry, so I had to follow up with a moisturizer. Overall, I would probably NOT buy this product. I would consider it for trips, but not for everyday use.



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