Disney Frozen Kleenex Review


I knew I was going to have to find these after my daughter came home from preschool raving about the girl who brought Disney Frozen Kleenex to school to share with the class. Instant popularity. The packaging is really kid-friendly, which makes my daughter want to blow her nose, instead of fighting me. The Kleenex tissues themselves have a nice cooling effect and are impressively sturdy. They are 3-ply. I usually blow through tissues, but these really held their form, keeping my hands clean, which means less germs being spread around and I’m all for that. They cost a little more than normal, so keep your eyes open for coupons or sales. But after a week of all of my kids being sick, I can highly recommend this product. We had the bigger boxes at home and the convenient travel packs for on the go. I kept one in the car and one in my purse or diaper bag…..you know, for those times when you’re in the store and your kid sneezes and snot flies out of their nose. I mean, I’ve gotten creative with what to use: my sleeve, the inside of the kids shirt, a lemony wet nap from my purse, but seriously, these are much nicer and more convenient. What is the most random thing you’ve used to wipe your nose or your kid’s noses? They are mom and kid approved! Even Elsa, the Ice Queen comes down with a cold sometimes.


I received these products to sample for free through Crowdtap in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Frozen – instant win 🙂


    1. Breetalks says:

      Of course! It’s popularity has not wavered!


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