Aveeno® Baby Natural Protection Face Stick Review

aveenodisplaySun protection is extremely important. I have 3 little fair skinned red heads that have to be smothered with sunscreen every time we step outside. It is one of the reasons that I sometimes just avoid taking them out all together, because it’s so much work. I got an opportunity to sample this AVEENO® BABY NATURAL PROTECTION FACE STICK WITH BROAD SPECTRUM SPF 50 and it was perfect timing for 2 of our busiest and hottest outdoor weekends.


The product kind of looks like deodorant. It is a solid white stick that you wipe across the face and then blend in with your finger tips. I appreciate many things about this product and the Aveeno brand as a whole. This stick is fragrance free, water resistant and oil-free, it is also made from naturally-sourced ingredients.  It is pediatrician recommended and was developed with leading dermatologists. It is an extra gentle formula that is specially designed for baby’s sensitive skin, like mine.  It has a special Mineralscreen Technology that provides long-lasting sun protection by forming a protective barrier on top of baby’s skin that scatters both UVA and UVB rays, without irratating it.

Overall, I really liked this product. It was fairly easy to apply, not necessarily quick, but easy. It blocked the sun well, protecting us from sunburn. I am glad that it is a high SPF. I did not have to worry about it dripping into my kids eyes. It was not greasy like most lotions or sprays so I wasn’t worried about it leaving stains on clothes. I would be proud to recommend this product. Let’s keep our sweet little babies skin soft and pure for as long as we can.




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  1. Thanks for the tip! My son has super sensitive skin so any of the more “traditional” sunscreens are a no go. I love the idea of a mess free stick!


    1. Breetalks says:

      You’re welcome! Thanks for commenting!


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