100% Pure Copper Moscow Mule Mug and Shot Glass Review


So I just wrote a little post about the history of the Moscow Mule and the Copper Mug HERE. I had no idea why they were served in copper mugs until I did a little research that I’m going to share with you! So besides the entrepreneurial standpoint (which you can read about in my last post), pure copper retains cold better than most other materials and significantly improves taste, ensuring the proper citric acid reaction for maximum flavor. Lots of copper mugs have stainless steel, nickel or food lacquer coatings that contaminate your drink, but 100% pure copper has absolutely no impurities, additives or linings. So why would you want to drink Moscow Mule’s any other way?

But these beautiful copper mugs are not just for Moscow Mules either, they work great for chilled beer, iced coffee or tea and any cold mixed drinks. Many experts tout the benefits of drinking water from pure copper, which I found interesting, but you’ll have to do your own research on that. Like all pure copper, items will naturally tarnish as time goes by. The copper reacts with oxygen or other elements and tarnish (patina) shows up. It can not be prevented but can be limited. Read how to care for your copper HERE.

I received this beautiful Kitchen Classique copper mug and shot glass for free in exchange for an honest review. It is a nice large 16 oz. mug and 1.5 oz. shot glass, both made of 100% pure copper. The mugs are carefully handcrafted and beautifully hammered, as seen in the photos. They are classy, fun and comfortable. They have a large handle for holding and is the perfect size for your drinks and ice cubes without worrying about spilling like some smaller mugs. Plus each handle is seamlessly welded into the mug’s elegant exterior for a sleek and sturdy design. It really does keep your drink cold and was a fun conversation piece at our last get together. I can see it making a great gift accompanied by some vodka and ginger beer. You can check out the recipe for a traditional Moscow Mule here, but there are some fun variations that I’m looking forward to trying also, using flavored vodka, other fruits and ginger ale instead of ginger beer. There are so many fun drinks you can make! Now all we need is another set so my husband and I don’t have to share!





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