A Look Back at 2014

I love going to my parents house and flipping through the millions of albums of photographs from my childhood.  They are memories preserved in a way that my mind can’t.  I felt guilty that all of the pictures of my kids were stuffed into a drawer somewhere.  So yesterday I went to the store, specifically to look for a photo album that wouldn’t fall apart at first touch of a toddler.  They were cheap and I wondered why I had waited so long to get one.


I filled the pages of the album quickly and my son and daughter laughed at all the silly pictures of themselves spread around the floor.  I think it’s good to reminisce.  Here is a look back at some of the highlights of our year.

Jason worked hard and finished a kitchen remodel, which included adding on a whole new room to our kitchen.  I am so proud of his work.  I love the new pantry room and the kitchen space is so much more functional now.


We found out we were expecting baby #3!


 Kannon turned 1 in March.  We had a monster themed birthday party with family and friends.


Later in March, we had a big hail storm that totaled our Mercury and dented up the aluminum siding on our house.  So with the help of insurance money, we became proud new owners of a van and got a new roof and siding on our house!

The kids had fun on their new (to them) play set I found on a yard sale site for $100.  I think the slide got the most use.


Josephine caught her 1st fish out at my parents lake, a decent sized bluegill.


At the end of September, we took a trip to Boston with Jason’s family.  We stayed on a houseboat for 2 nights, then at a hotel on the beach.  We ate a lot of yummy seafood and saw a lot of neat history.  It was beautiful and the leaves were starting to change colors for fall.  I was very pregnant and it was pretty chilly, but such a fun experience.  I hope to go back when my kids are older and can appreciate the history more and don’t have routine nap times.  Surprisingly, I think I enjoyed the Trolly Tour around the city the most.


Stryker Cash surprised us and came 3 weeks early on October 12th!  You can read about his birth story HERE.


The KC Royals made the playoffs and then made it all the way to game 7 of the World Series!  Two of my brothers flew in for a game and my husband was able to tag along with my dad to most of the home games.


In November, Josephine turned 4 and had a Frozen party.  She loves dressing up as Elsa.


 We celebrated Christmas at my parents house and then got sick so had to cancel our planned trip to Dallas over New Years.  So instead, we built a blanket fort in our basement, watched a movie and had all sorts of yummy meats, cheeses, crackers, sparkling juice and went to bed early…..but don’t worry, Stryker woke me up at 11:58 so we could ring in the new year together.  Breastfeeding and listening fireworks outside, there are few moments that can compare.


How did you ring in the new year?


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  1. What a sweet photo timeline of your year. I need to start adding pictures to my photo albums.


    1. Breetalks says:

      I need to get more printed out! Thanks for commenting!


  2. Oh, the photos! I determined early on there was no way I would be a scrapbook junkie. So I just throw them in a photo album. And still manage to stay about 9 months behind! I’m from the Kansas City area. Did a lot of cheering for them this fall!!


    1. Breetalks says:

      Yay KC! Go Royals! 🙂


  3. Theresa says:

    Your photos are amazing! Like Traci said, I can’t stick with scrapbooking either. I looking into buying pre-made photo books yearly, but they can get so expensive. So now I haven’t printed photos this year. But it’s so amazing to have everything digital nowadays, I wonder if it’s really needed to print all photos the way our parents did? As long as I have the photos on a hard drive, my kids will have the files in the future.


    1. Breetalks says:

      True, except I’ve heard too many stories of hard drives crashing or being damaged. 😦


  4. rox says:

    Great job. Enjoyed your telling year. Good bless you richly in 2015.


  5. Jaclyn Anne says:

    You have a very beautiful family ❤
    Happy new year!


    1. Breetalks says:

      I think so too! 😀 Thanks so much! Happy New Year to you as well!


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