Spook-tackular Halloween Favors

It’s that time of year again.  Halloween is here and although my kids are young and don’t go door to door trick or treating, we do usually get together with a group of friends for a little party.  My daughter loves crafts and my stockpile of empty toilet paper tubes were taking over my cabinet space, so we decided to use them to make a fun Halloween favors to hand out to our friends.  We’ve made many versions of this favor for practically every holiday (like our Valentines ones) and they are still so fun to make and receive!  I buy all of my supplies from the Dollar Tree so they are pretty cheap.  They didn’t have any orange or black wrapping paper, but they had white so that’s what we went with.

What You Need:

Empty Toilet Paper or Paper Towel Rolls

Wrapping Paper in Solid Color (preferably Halloween colors if you can find them)


Clear Tape


Halloween Stickers

Small Candy & or Toys


1.  Stuff your toilet paper tubes with candy.  This sounds pretty easy, just don’t eat all your treats while you’re crafting!  LOL I could fit a mini Snickers, mini Skittles pack and 2 Rollos into each tube.  Then cut your wrapping paper to be able to wrap all around tube and have plenty of overflow on each side to tie a ribbon around.  Once you have right size, use it as a template and cut enough wrapping paper squares for all of your tubes.  This saves time and guess work.  Tape paper around candy filled tubes and tie ribbon on each side.


This is where I hire the cheap help from my daughter.  Usually she’ll do it for free, but it’s nice to tip a piece of candy or two for extra fun.  I bought an assortment of Halloween foam stickers so I had to help peel the paper off, but they added a slight 3D effect that was fun.  We can’t wait to give these to our friends!  What treats are you handing out this year?



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  1. mom says:

    Think those are great!


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