Simple Silly Toddler Snacks

It’s seems to always be a hassle to get kids to eat healthy.  One day they like apples and the next they don’t.  I am not an overly creative mom.  I’ve seen many different versions of these floating across Pinterest and decided to make a couple of my own.  They do not require a lot of skill, time or resources, which is why it is perfect for a busy momma like me.  You will want to watch and help your kids with disassembly, since all of them (except the billy bob mouth) have small pieces of toothpicks holding the fruit in place.


For Billy Bob Mouth:

Take two apple slices, place peanut butter on one side and mini marshmallows in the middle.

For Others:

Cut toothpicks to size and place grapes, mini marshmallows or cheese chunks in place for whatever item you’re making!

What are some creative ways that you get your kids to eat healthy fruits and vegetables for snack time?


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I love these cute healthy snacks. I am pinning this to my Fun Children’s Food Ideas board.


    1. Breetalks says:

      Great! Thanks for stopping by!


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