Influenster Vitality Vox Box Review

I was given the opportunity to review some complimentary products for testing purposes from Influenster.  Let me take you through the products I received.


First Degree Advanced Burn Cream:  I have not had to use this product yet, but I am thankful to add it to my medicine cabinet just in case.  70% of families experience minor burns on a regular basis, yet 3 out of 4 said they didn’t have an effective solution. Minor household burns can happen when we least expect them: while pulling a casserole out of the oven, styling our hair in the morning, or grilling out in the back yard.  Keep this on hand and be prepared!

First°Degree® Burn Cream is specially formulated to treat minor household burns quickly and effectively.  It soothes and cools the burn, helps reduce the appearance of scars, moisturizes with Shea Butter and aids in healing, temporarily relieving rawness, itching and minor infection.

Playtex Sport Fresh Balance Tampons:  I was a Playtex fan even before I received this sample.  This is their NEW Playtex Sport Fresh 7830009884Balance with Odor Shield technology.  It is designed to neutralize odors for ultimate freshness.  They give 360º protection, have a fun and easy to open wrapper, a smooth glide plastic applicator and are double layered for extra protection.  Of course I will recommend these and be using them again.  The only way to help me forget about this time of the month is to use the best products.  I play on right now by chasing after toddlers!  WHEW!  Tough work!

bikini_ready_badge-250x250_q85_cropBikini Ready Energy Gummies:  I was given a 2 gummy sample of these.  They are a B-12 vitamin supplement that also act as an energy booster.  Along with a healthy diet and exercise program, this scientifically advanced formula is supposed to help boost your metabolism and increase energy so you can maximize your workouts.  I did not love these.  I didn’t notice an energy boost and the gummy flavor was not very good.0001200028618_500X500

Pure Leaf Iced Tea:  I love sweet tea in the summer and this was a really good one, although I would normally not pick one with lemon, it had a good tea flavor, balance, tasted freshly brewed and came in a nice sleek bottle.  I would try this again and recommend the brand.

Elizabeth Arden FLAWLESS FUTURE Powered by Ceramide Caplet Serum:  I am in my thirties now, so I have to pay 1001cern40201more attention to my skin, how I treat it and what I use on it.  I loved how this serum made my skin feel!  It helped reinforce my skin’s essential moisture barrier, even my skin tone, texture and hopefully reduce my early signs of wrinkles.  I have another birthday coming up soon! Booooo Hoooooo!

Created with Nokia Smart CamSoftlips Cube:  I remember in college when I discovered the Softlips stick.  It was an essential for myself and all of my friends!  We had never had a chapstick go on so smooth.  Now I got to try the Softlips Cube.  The NEW cube is a 5 in 1 lip care.  I liked the fun shape of the cube, it was much easier to find when digging around in my purse, but maybe a little bulkier to try to fit in my pants pocket.  I was a little disappointed with the actual smoothness of the cube.  It was a little sticky and the moisture did not last very long on my lips.  The flavor was nice and pleasant, but I think I’ll stick with the stick!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Laura says:

    Thanks for the great review, Bree!


    1. Breetalks says:

      Thanks for the comment, Laura! 🙂


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