A Look Inside the Talented Musical Duo: eine blume

eine blume is a folk rock band made up of the amazingly talented husband and wife duo–Caleb and Erin Paxton. I had the honor and privilege of meeting the two in college.  I hope that you’ll take a moment to get to know them and their beautiful hearts, give them a good long listen and then support them, whether it’s sharing your love for their music or coming along side them financially.


It’s been a few years since I’ve lived in the same town as these two, so I thought it appropriate for me and for you (their amazing new fans) to get to know them a little bit better.  Here is part of my interview with Erin.

Let’s start with, how do you pronounce eine blume?  (Haha!) eye-nuh bloom-uh

And what does it mean? It means a flower. It is German.

How would you describe your music?  Our music is a bit folk-y, but it is pretty and folk-y – Simon and Garfunkel-y. It is simple and beautiful and intentional. It is reflective music with a lot of life and soul in it. I think lyrics are our biggest strength. Someone else once described our music as “an ascending into a velvety fairytale”. That description makes me smile.

How did you and your husband meet?  Caleb and I met in college at OCC. I noticed him in apologetics class at 7 AM. It’s amazing that I noticed anyone at that time! I thought he was the most beautiful person I had ever seen. He had this spirit about him – peaceful. His name was “Beatiful Caleb” for a long time before we actually even spoke! And, I told every girl in my dorm I was going to marry him….nevermind that I was too scared to go talk to him myself. I received really good advice from a friend. He told me “Pray, and be specific! If you think he is special, he must be! So, ask God to help you in specific ways!” And I did. I told God I was too nervous to talk to Beautiful Caleb and that if He felt Caleb was important in my life, please, let Caleb come and talk to me. The next day, Caleb walked right up to me after breakfast and introduced himself. We never ate breakfast (because who wants to wake up earlier than 7?), but that day we did. I am so glad.

When did you start playing music?  I began singing at the age of 4 and started playing piano at the age of 7. I wanted to learn to play so I could sing with my own instrument. I always wanted to be a singer….As a jr. high and high schooler, I wanted to plan women’s conferences and be a worship leader. And while I didn’t believe a college diploma qualified me to do these things, I felt as though most churches would more easily accept a woman with a degree. I think I started singing as a little girl because I liked the sound of my voice and I liked that it is sort of a playful way of talking. As I grew up, it was a release valve for me, a way to express to God and to others my heart. And, that is something I just love about music. It is a way to connect with people. You can cross many borders and scale many walls with music. I believe it can have eternal value….it speaks into cultures and shapes cultures….it is really powerful and I am so glad to take part in music in this day and age.

What are your favorite musical memories?  As a very young girl (4 or 5) I remember    hearing Amy Grant on the radio and just falling in love with her! And driving down Rt 66 with my mom and blaring Carmen from the tape deck. If she talked during the song “Lazarus, come Forth” I made her rewind it and start from the beginning.  Haha! I remember summer days listening to The Beach Boys and playing “Kokomo” on the Juke Box at Pizza Hut everytime we went in.

When I was 12, I remember starting a worship band in our church with my friends and the hours of practice we spent together in my parent’s house and a the church building. We had such a tight bond! I look back at all of the amazing opportunities I had as a child and teenager to make music and it is so hard to pick just one!

Caleb asked me to marry him during one our concerts at a local coffee shop, Dioko. That was a very exciting memory.  He had it planned for a long time and invited tons of people to come. I was completely clueless it would be happening. Family traveled for hours to come! I thought they were just being supportive of our music!  Nope! They just wanted to witness and support one of the sweet moments of our lives together.


When did you and Caleb start playing music together?  Caleb and I began playing together nearly the minute we met! It started off being a long and difficult road playing together though. He was very narrow in his appreciation of music and only wanted to play one way and only wanted me to sing a certain way. I was not a fan. We lived in Norway for 2 and a half years after we were married and during that time, he started giving me more creative control. You can hear a huge difference in our sound from the 2nd album to the 3rd!


(Get it now! Offer expires when Kickstarter Campaign is over, Sept. 13th, 2014.)

Tell us about your new album:  This album is inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia and the birth of our children. It is called Farewell to Shadowlands. It has been a labor of love. It has taken 4 and a 1/2 years to record and produce this thing! But, we have had a lot going on. We have had two babies, the horrendous tornado of Joplin hit, destroying 1/3 of our town, we bought and renovated a house 5 days before I lost a job, Caleb lost his dad from cancer….We have written it from the deep places in our hearts.


It’s true that creativity inspires creativity. That is what our music does for many, and that is what The Chronicles of Narnia did for us! Caleb and I both read them as children, and we began reading them to our daughter as a tiny baby. I remember crying at some point in every one of the books. They are beautiful. Magical! We were especially drawn into the Magician’s Nephew. It is about the broken-ness of this world, how it is everywhere. It is about the creation of Narnia and the goodness of Aslan and how his goodness comes up through the cracks of that brokenness we know so well. We see this album as a joyful lament.

To find out more about eine blume, check out their website or Facebook page.




**Title photo of Caleb & Erin in field taken by Beth Chambers


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  1. This looks amazing! I love the inspiration behind the music. Also, I got very excited because I knew what Eine Blume before you explained it. (My Mom’s German and I know very little German, so it was a victorious moment for me.)

    I’d be proud to support. Thank you for sharing a little of your story and vision!


    1. Breetalks says:

      I’m always amazed at your vast knowledge of life and cultures, Nadine! Thanks for checking them out & commenting! Enjoy the music! Love you!


  2. Downloaded and listening to it now! Enjoying it!


    1. Breetalks says:

      Yay! So glad! Share with your friends please! Thanks!


  3. Lisa and Mike Larson says:

    Amazing!!! We love you.


    1. Breetalks says:

      Thanks for stopping by and commenting!


  4. Nickida says:

    Thanks so much for sharing. I love find new artists and discovering new music. I shared with my readers.


    1. Breetalks says:

      Awesome! Thanks so much! Enjoy!


  5. emily s says:

    I am very interested in your upcoming album! What does the “hipster t-shirt” look like? Is there a picture anywhere?


    1. Breetalks says:

      If you go to the Kickstarter website (You can do this by clicking on the “K” in the top right corner of the video on the bottom of this post) and scroll all the way down the page, there are more details (a preview) of what a couple of the shirt designs look like. 🙂


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