DIY Father's Day Edible Gift Arrangement

A few weeks ago I saw this picture circulating Facebook, a hilarious version of an Edible Arrangement for dudes.  I don’t know how they got all that to stand up without tipping over, but I’m impressed and I honestly wouldn’t mind getting one of these myself.  Did I mention that I’m pregnant?
I took note and decided to make my own version, but a little more practical.  My daughter and I set off to the store to pick up some of my husbands favorite things.  We got Skittles, Snickers, beef jerky, sunflower seeds, almonds, wine, fruit roll-ups, chips, hot sauce, bbq sauce, pickled veggies (you know, lots of healthy stuff).  My daughter kept telling me that beef is not a treat. Haha
I also picked up 100 wooden BBQ skewers for $1 in the grilling section and I had a few sturdier metal skewers at home for some of the heavier items.
I  found a cheap metal bucket as my base and hot glued a $1 store foam tree base into it.  I packed some thicker paper in the bottom to help prop items up higher.
I taped the lighter items to the wooden skewers, heavier items to the metal skewers and arranged them at varying heights in the foam tree.  Then I arranged the really heavy items in the bottom of the bucket to cover foam and create a sturdy base.  I taped a few of the skewered items together to make them fill the empty space and hold better.  Then I hot glued a simple handmade twine bow to the front of the bucket.  This is how it turned out.  I would love to have it delivered to my husbands work, but since Father’s Day is on a Sunday, we’ll just have to give it to him ourselves.
Do you have a Father’s Day gift planned yet?  What are some of your dads/husbands favorite “treats”?  And my 3 yr. old daughter wants to know, should beef be considered a treat? 

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Melissa says:

    Awesome! And no on the beef treat. But Wyatt would say yes!


    1. Bree Talks says:

      Haha Thanks Melissa. I’m not a huge beef jerky fan either….must be a guy thing.


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