Easy DIY Party Favors

I take no credit for coming up with these brilliant little favors.  My extremely creative mother made these with me when I was in elementary school, long before Pinterest, Facebook or even the Internet was in very many homes.  I remember the kids being so excited about them and I had so much fun helping make them.  Well, now I’m old and have kids of my own to impress.
What You Need:
Empty paper towel/toilet paper holders
Aluminum Foil
Decorative tape (I got mine at Dollar Tree),
Small Candy and/or Toys
I made these 4 with 1 paper towel holder & 1 toilet paper holder, so do the math with however many kids you are wanting to make them for and save up those rolls! Or have your family & friends save them for you too!
 First, cut your paper towel rolls into 3rds.  Get a piece of aluminum foil that will completely wrap around tube without excess.  Use tape to adhere foil seam together.
Don’t forget to add your candy and toys!  We put in a big heart Ring Pop.  Pinch the ends together, giving them a little slack so that the foil is not too tight and tears.  My decorative tape was paper so I was able to write on it.  Then I let my 3 yr.  old daughter decorate it with fun stickers.
These are so cheap & easy!  We can’t wait for our Valentine’s Day tea party and neither can she!

Did you try this?  How did they turn out?  What did you fill yours with?


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