Cottonelle Toilet Paper & Flushable Wipes

I’d never really considered adding flushable wet wipes to my normal bathroom routine, until I got to sample them.  They are a bathroom luxury item for sure!  You use water to clean so many things, so why wouldn’t you use it when cleaning up down there?  It just makes sense and it makes you feel so much more fresh, clean & confident!  I received samples for my household of 4 & samples to share with my sister-in-laws household of 8 and my best friends (Laura- pictured above) household of 2.  I would recommend these convenient wipes to anyone who goes #2.  🙂  Also, the toilet paper is fantastic!  I usually just go with what’s cheapest, but Cottonelle is truly soft & durable.  I can even blow my nose with out it breaking through!

What’s your bathroom routine?  Do you use flushable wipes?  Have you tried Cottonelle?


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