Old Navy Perfect Tee Review (Crowdtap Sample & Share)

On Monday I invited my friend, Laura to meet me at Old Navy after work.  We have been friends for over 10 years!  She felt so honored that I picked her to join me. We met at Old Navy and immediately found the table of Vintage SS Tees in the middle of the store. It took us a little longer to locate the Perfect Tees, they were on the wall near the Vintage ones, but signage wasn’t as prominent. We loved all the fun colors and we still had a pretty good color and size selection, but they were all short sleeved. 

We picked out some colors & sizes and went to try on our finds. I just had a baby so none of my clothes fit right. I loved the large Vintage tees. They were so comfortable and did not hug up on my post-baby belly. 

We made our selections and went to check out. The gal had never seen the coupons, but was very friendly and had no problem ringing them up. I was able to tell my friend & the cashier all about Crowd Tap and they both thought it was really neat. Also, I’ve already gotten compliments on my tees! Thank you Old Navy & Crowd Tap! We love our shirts!


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