Hotel Transylvania Movie Watch Party

Saturday evening I hosted a Hotel Transylvania movie viewing party through Crowdtap.  We had 15 people & it was so much fun. I had not seen the movie yet, but it was really cute.  I thought it might be odd since it seemed like such a Halloween themed movie, but it also had a cute love story, perfect for Valentines Day!  We played a few games while dinner was being prepared.

The menu consisted of:

*Murray the Mummy Dogs (Hotdogs wrapped in cresent rolls)
*Fruit & Scream Cheese Dip (Strawberries & Apples to dip in a caramel cream cheese dip)
*Finger Carrots & Dip (Baby Carrots & Ranch)
*Chips & Zinging Salsa 
*Mini Mummy Dogs (Hotdogs wrapped in bacon, baked with brown sugar
*Vampires Only!  Blood Red Koolaid
*Cupcakes, You could really sink your teeth into

Next we had a Hotel Transylvania Valentine Card coloring contest.  We had 8 entrants (you could color as many as you wanted, but were only allowed to enter one into contest).  It was really hard judging!  Jett ended up winning first prize for the pencil shading of the bat, attention to detail & ability to stay in the lines.  He won a box of Shrunkin (Lemon) Heads Candy.   Runner Ups (everyone else) received a package of Coffin (Swiss Cake Rolls).

Then we watched the movie.  We crammed all 15 people in the living room and with eyes glued on the tv, we really enjoyed the movie!  It was funny & cute & held the kids attention well, except for the two 3 year olds.  They were in and out, but even my parents enjoyed it.  We had a really good time at the party.  The kids & adults both had a great time!  

Now for some questions!  After you watch the movie, come back & answer these in my comments!

1. Mavis makes the cutest little sad bat face to her dad Dracula. Does your little one have a look that just makes you want to do whatever they say? Are there other moments in HOTEL TRANSYLVANIA that were directly relatable to your life? 

My daughter Josephine is 2 and has us wrapped around her finger.  I am nervous for her to become a teenager!  It is soooo hard to say no to her.  Haha  

2. Dracula throws an awesome 118th birthday party for Mavis. Were there elements of her party that you wish you could have for your own birthday party or your child’s party? Would you love a monster band, dancing mummies or a travel around the world theme?

A live band would be awesome!  And how cool would a travel around the world themed party be?  There are so many things you could do to make it unique and creative!  Especially for a 16th or an 18th birthday party.  Love the idea!

3. Both Mavis & Dracula have some awesome vampire powers. For example, they can both turn into bats. Which one of their powers do you wish you could have? Or is there another monster FROM THE FILM who has a power you wish you could have? 

I would love to be able to fly or be invisible.  Can I pick both?  That would be awesome!

Hope you’ve enjoyed reading!  Now go buy this movie!  You won’t regret it!


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  1. amberZon says:

    Awesome! I want to see that movie!


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